A big THANK YOU from WWF to over 4,000 climbers, more than 400 volunteers, and all our donors, partners and sponsors. Together, you climbed 1,776 steps of the CN Tower and raised over $1 million to help protect species at risk and the places they call home!
Check out this video to see some of our climbers in action:

So, are you wondering how fast it takes elite athletes to climb 144 flights of stairs? Our fastest climber in the team challenge got to the top in an amazing 11 minutes, 18 seconds.  Our top public climber was even quicker at 10 minutes, 57 seconds.  WOW!
Be sure to check out our photo album to see more great shots from our Team Challenge and Public Climb.

© James Carpenter / WWF-Canada
© James Carpenter / WWF-Canada

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