National Sweater Day Knitting Challenges: Lucinda – Step 3 – the Iced Collar

By Lucinda Iglesias, one of two guest bloggers devoted to knitting for National Sweater Day, and owner of Mont Tricot store in Sutton, Quebec.
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I hope all of your projects are going well! This past week I was not able to knit as much as I would have liked, so I still have to finish my second sleeve. Despite the minor delay, I was able to start the collar. I’ve put the sleeve stitches on a holder so I could use the same needles.
1. Pick up  stitches and knit them as you pick them up. To be able to show you how to pick up the stitches, I used a contrasting yarn. We start by the botton right corner with the right side facing you.

2. When you pick up the stitches, knit them right away – being careful to evenly space them. You should pick up 3 stitches for every 4 rows.

3. This image on the effect of the knitting stitches when you’re finished.

4. In this picture, you can see the effect that picking up and knitting stitches will have when you use the same yarn.

5. When you get to the neck section, you will need to put a stitch marker to indicate the section where we do a few short rows.

6. When you are done with picking up and knitting stitches, your sweater should look like this.

7.  Then, we knit 1 row. On the right sided row, we will begin short rows in between the markers. When you get to 6 stitches before the second marker, you will do your first wrap and turn. I highly suggest consulting the video from knit purl hunter son ‘wrap and turn’
We continue with the wraps and turns and then carry on with knitting the rest of the collar.
Continue in garter st until collar measures 5.25[6, 6.5, 6.5, 7.25, 7.25, 8] inches. Be sure to measure collar depth from picked-up sts along front edge, not in short-rowed section.
Note: At this point, it is a good idea to transfer all sts to a generous length of waste yarn and try on sweater, to be sure the collar is deep enough to overlap completely when worn. If necessary, work more rows before binding off.
Loosely BO all sts.
Whoo! We are now finished knitting. All we have left to do is weave in ends and block our sweater… we will discuss that next week.
Until then, happy knitting and have a great week!

For a great video on magic loop, click here.