National Sweater Day: Book a reminder from our Granny Call Centre

WWF is calling all grannies, grandmas, abuelas, nonnas, nainais and bubbies to support National Sweater Day on February 7, presented by Loblaw Companies Limited (Loblaw).
A dedicated team of grannies will encourage Canadians to turn down their thermostats and put on a sweater. National Spokesgranny Gladys demonstrates how it’s done in this short video. She’s calling on her fellow grannies to teach their children and grandchildren about the importance of valuing energy.
“Members of the Greatest Generation are natural energy conservers – grannies don’t turn up the heat when it gets chilly, they put on a sweater and a pair of slippers!” said Gladys, National Sweater Day Spokesgranny. “I’m looking for Canada’s greenest grannies to join me in helping our kids and our grandkids to re-learn the lost skill of energy conservation that used to be second nature.”
WWF’s National Sweater Day is designed to remind Canadians to value our energy: it’s a chance to think differently about how we use energy, and how everyone can all play an important role in fighting climate change by using energy wisely, not wastefully. If all Canadians lowered their thermostats by just 2 degrees Celsius this winter, it would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 4 megatons – the equivalent of shutting down an average sized coal-fired power station.
Interested grannies can visit or for information on how to audition for WWF’s National Sweater Day popular Granny Call Centre.
And all Canadians can make their grannies proud on February 7, by turning down the heat and putting on their sweaters.