Junction Creek Stewardship Committee

Junction Creek Stewardship Committee

01/06/1999 - Present

Restoration of the Junction Creek waterway is an ongoing collaborative project to reverse historic degradation and adapt to arising anthropogenic pressures from adjacent urban and industrial land-use. 

The Junction Creek Stewardship Committee is a not-for-profit organization focused on the restoration of a large urban waterway in Greater Sudbury, known as Junction Creek. The Committee was formed by a group of concerned citizens in 1999, in response to severe environmental degradation caused by historic logging and mining practices in Sudbury. Restoration of the waterway has been carried out under the focus of four broad “pillars”, and a mission to “lead the way for improving and maintaining a healthy Junction Creek watershed”.  

The 4 pillars, Research and Monitoring, Restoration and ConservationEducation and Awareness, and Connecting the Communityare used as a framework around which activities and projects are planned. Working with all levels of government, local businesses, academic institutions, as well as the general public, the JCSC is able to monitor stream health and biodiversityrestore impaired aquatic ecosystems, raise awareness and appreciation to the watershed, and build creek stewards.   

Maintaining long-term monitoring to better understanding the state of the watershed, identify threats, and reveal temporal and spatial trends allows for science-based decision making for watershed management and tailored restoration efforts for Junction Creek. Over time this has led to vast improvements within the Junction Creek ecosystemincreasing flora/fauna biodiversity, declining levels of pollutants, and a greater community awareness towards the value of a diverse and healthy urban waterway in the City of Greater Sudbury.  


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