Toronto Argonaut James Yurichuk climbs for WWF

Written by James Yurichuk, Linebacker with the Toronto Argonauts and Animal Backer with Mammoth Outerwear 
I’m James Yurichuk, professional football player in the Canadian Football League and fourth generation resident of Toronto. While I am more commonly known for my role as a Toronto Argonauts Linebacker, off the field I am passionate about being a wildlife/environmental backer.

©James Yurichuk
© James Yurichuk

I grew up in Brampton in a household where recycling, respecting nature and wildlife have always been a big deal. Today, I live in Toronto and the environmentally conscious attitude my family instilled in me still burns strong.
I’ve always tried the to do little things around my house such as recycling and composting to help the environment but in 2015, I made the decision that I wanted to do more.  This Saturday, I will be participating in WWF’s CN Tower Climb in an attempt to ‘step up’ my game, literally. WWF is an organization that I have admired for a long time and I jumped at the opportunity to get involved with their cause.
While supporting WWF is the main reason I will be taking on this physical challenge, there is also another motivation that is calling me to conquer the CN Tower.  I love Toronto and there isn’t a day that goes by where I fail to see the tower that soars above the stunning skyline of our great city. Whether it’s a walk to the coffee shop, scrolling through social media or looking up on game day at the Rogers Centre, I am seeing the 553 metre symbol of our city. Although I am unavoidably and gladly exposed to the CN Tower in all these settings, I am yet to build a connection with it.  I will take care of that on Saturday.  It won’t be long before I can look at the CN Tower and everyday be reminded of my great feat.

I wear my environmentalist principles proudly. I researched Environmental Studies at Bishop’s University and have launched a sustainable start-up called Mammoth Outerwear.  Made in Canada, Mammoth Outerwear aims to protect people from the cold and wildlife from fashion through our animal free, environmentally friendly jacket line that will launch through a kickstart campaign on the first day of Fall, 2015.  Stay tuned!
We all need to be doing what we can in our own lives to protect the environment. And it’s the least I can do to spend a morning helping to support the important conservation work that’s happening across the country.
Beyond the environmental efforts and the challenge of climbing the CN Tower, I’ve heard from a number of my teammates how much they’ve enjoyed taking part in the past.  This included one gentleman, Joe Eppele, who has climbed multiple times.   I am looking for climb attire suggestions to make this trek a memorable one (of course keeping in mind the hands free policy). Feel free to tweet your fashion suggestions to me @YungYuri #CNTowerClimb.  Winner will get an autographed picture with 2 tickets to Argos home opener under the CN Tower that will help relive the experience of their climb.  More importantly – I also encourage you to donate to my WWF CN Tower Climb fundraising here and help to support the work of WWF-Canada.
So this Saturday, I’m excited to be checking an item off my bucket list and support a great organization and cause at the same time. Come join me in reaching our destination where we can deservedly participate the singing of Drake’s, “Started from the bottom now I’m here” all while overlooking the 6ix!  Bring your family, colleagues, friends and let’s make this climb one for the ages!
See You At The Top!
James Yurichuk
#47 Toronto Argonauts
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