Why I Climb for WWF: Fourth time’s a charm!

Written by Minnie Menezes
I am Minnie Menezes, a middle school student from Toronto and I’m 13 years old. I was a child when I first heard of the CN Tower Climb, and I did not think twice when I was invited to climb with my school team. I was 11 years old when I first climbed the CN Tower. On May 3, it will be my fourth time climbing and the second time as captain of the team Cummer Valley Vipers. We are climbing to support WWF.

CN Tower
Cummer Vipers Logo. © Minnie Menezes

I have been into sports almost my whole life, influenced by my parents who taught me to swim as early as two months old. I believe in the famous Latin quote from poet Juvenal (Century II AD), “mens sana in corpore sano,” meaning “a sound mind in a healthy body.” Practicing sports regularly helps me to train for the CN Tower Climb.
Climbing the CN Tower is a fantastic experience, believe me! When I’m there, just climbing, up, up, and up a seemingly endless staircase (1776 steps), it’s amazing to see all the excited people, some who pass me because they’re super-fast.
Everybody climbs together, but then suddenly, I reach the top and I’m surrounded by the incredible views of Toronto. People all around me are congratulating and supporting each other for what we just accomplished. After I go up the CN Tower, I can truly appreciate this incredibly diverse and multicultural city. Each time the tower appears in front of me, there is a sense of achievement, a sense of pride, and also a sense of accomplishment. That’s from the donations I raised together with my team, and because I have motivated my friends to support WWF.
Team Cummer Valley Vipers  CNTower Oct.19 2013. © Minnie Menezes
Team Cummer Valley Vipers CNTower Oct.19 2013. © Minnie Menezes

Climbing the CN Tower doesn’t require intense physical training; you can climb slowly and stop to rest and take a moment. But it is recommended that you train in advance by walking, running or even going up the stairs of your building or a public space. Some people climb the CN Tower in less than 10 minutes, but these are exceptional athletes. I climbed in 20 minutes, but lots of people spend about 25 minutes or even 45 minutes or more.  Your time isn’t the important part. The important thing is to raise funds for WWF and get up there – even if it is slowly. I am very excited to climb the CN Tower on May 3rd, and am encouraging my peers to join our team, donate to WWF and get a chance to feel that pride that I do when I cross the finish line.  See you at the top!
Minnie Menezes. © Minnie Menezes
Minnie Menezes. © Minnie Menezes

Join WWF for the 24th Annual Canada Life CN Tower Climb on May 1 and 3, 2014. Register. Fundraise. Climb. Protect. Earn your stripes at wwf.ca/cntower. Not in Toronto? You can still support WWF by doing the Climbless Climb!