Volunteer Spotlight: Angie Singh

Written by: Jessica Pang-Parks, Volunteer Coordinator
Volunteers are extraordinary people. Why? They donate their time and skills to help a cause they believe in. From event support to working the reception desk, many things we do at WWF-Canada would not be possible without our amazing volunteers! Over the past two years, Angie has volunteered with WWF-Canada’s Donor Relations & Services team. Angie brings her amazing organizational skills from working at the library to help us with response management and filing of donations. Incredibly enthusiastic and dedicated to her weekly shift, she shares her cheerful energy with staff and other volunteers. We recently caught up with Angie to ask about her volunteer experience at WWF.

 © James Carpenter / WWF-Canada
© James Carpenter / WWF-Canada

Tell us a bit about yourself?
I’m currently working on my BA in Geographic Analysis and hope to have a career where I can make a contribution to the world. How we are treating the Earth is important to me, so I’m always thinking of ways I can reduce my impact. This is challenging because I live in Toronto, but I also love the city and all the opportunities and experiences that come with it.
What made you decide, or inspired you, to volunteer with WWF?
I wanted to volunteer with an organization that focused on the environment or animals, because both are close to my heart. I’ve always loved animals but I only realized how the way we were treating our Earth affects all aspects of life in Grade 12. Since WWF works on both broader environmental challenges and specific species protection, volunteering here was a dream goal for me. I also really respect that WWF has a great reputation and does advanced research.
What has the experience been like so far?
It’s been the best! It’s great to be in an environment where you feel welcomed, encouraged and appreciated. Until I started, I never realized all of the aspects that go into running an organization like WWF, so the opportunity to learn here has been amazing.
What is your favourite aspect of being a volunteer?
I love knowing that even if it’s small, I’ve made a contribution to the world simply because it was the right thing to do.
What have you learned or gained from volunteering?
Volunteering in this environment has taught me, on a personal level, to be more open with people. This has contributed positively to my communication skills. Also, I’ve been exposed to all the steps that go into processing donations (from receiving donations to mailing donors’ tax receipts). Through this, I was able to learn a lot about donor relations through observation and hands-on experience.
What advice would you share with others?
Start volunteering! When I was in high school, I completed my mandatory volunteer hours without any passion or thought of the intended goal. I thought I didn’t have time to volunteer. However, volunteering in an area that is important to me has been so rewarding. Now, I cannot imagine my life without volunteering.
As a Volunteer of WWF-Canada, your time, talent and skills help conserve the diversity of life on our planet! Visit our website to get involved.