An artist’s statement on oceans: a live-drawing by Nicole Aline Legault

By Canadian artist/illustrator Nicole Aline Legault

I spent my childhood by the Atlantic Ocean, and was raised by the knowledgeable instruction of my father, a marine biologist, and my mother, a teacher – both with strong environmental consciences. Their interests fostered in me a sense of wonder and humble appreciation of our oceans.
This past winter, I was approached to support a WWF event hosted in Halifax, Nova Scotia centered on the conservation of our oceans. WWF held a reception at the end of February meant to familiarize guests with the important work that WWF does in the marine world. I was asked to perform a drawing via my home in Montreal, which was streamed live during the reception and guests were able to watch the artwork appear before their eyes.

My choice to draw the humpback whale was a choice that comes with ease, as the whale in all its forms has been a source of inspiration for many years in my practice. Their vastness is not unlike that of the ocean itself. I have always felt that they inform my work more so than are the subject of my work – as I instinctively incorporate them in so much of what I create. I believe that if everyone considered the ocean in this way –as an informant to our lives and livelihoods, rather than the subject of our exploits – we would appreciate her and ourselves so much better. Our oceans are worth protecting.
Nicole Legault art

About the Artist:

Nicole graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from NSCAD University in 2006. Based in Montreal since 2007, Nicole has worked as a successful illustrator in print (EnRoute Magazine, The Walrus Magazine, and US Foods), film (for music video and DVD releases with Vision Film Company for artists including Nova Scotia’s Buck 65, Postdata as well as The Dears and Charles Spearin’s Happiness Project), and performance with Moment Factory (providing illustrations for performances by Céline Dion).