Pandas with moustaches? Only during Movember

For the third year, a group of WWF-Canada staffers have banded together to make their best attempt to grow mustaches and support the cause. Movember aims to raise awareness and raise funds for men’s health, principally focused on prostate cancer but also introducing a new emphasis on mental health in 2012. Last year was hugely successful for our team and we raised over $1200 to support programs for public education and research into the prevention, detection, treatment and cure for prostate cancer.
Readying myself to embark on this year’s campaign — staring at myself in the mirror, razor in hand, prepping to grow that illustrious moustache — I was struck by the fundraising success our small team had last year, and somewhat daunted by the task at hand. Working at a not-for-profit organization, it sometimes can feel that we do a lot of asking of our friends, family and co-workers for funds or support. So much so, that I grew reluctant to make that big ask.
The remarkable thing, and truly a testament to the character and values of these folks, is that when the time came, and the emails, Facebook and Twitter posts went out asking for their support, I was met with an overwhelmingly positive response. Which says a great deal about the strength of the Movember cause, but also of the generosity and support of the people that work at WWF-Canada and the support network of family and friends that surrounds us.
To date, our “PandaMOnium” team has raised $1,245 towards the Movember cause. On behalf of our team, I’d like to send a big thanks to our colleagues and loved ones for not only putting up with our — at times comical — appearances for the month, but also supporting our efforts and donating to the cause. It’s been inspiring!
Thank you to all who will donate during the remaining days of Movember! Our teams page can be found here.
Thanks again for the hair-raising experience!

(c) James Carpenter/WWF-Canada