Movember at WWF

All it took was growing this moustache, and now practically every person I meet can’t help but crack a smile or let out a short giggle. It’s amazing what a bit of hair on your upper lip can do! Which explains much of the astounding success of the Movember campaign: there’s just something about a “Mo” that makes you smile!

Me sportin’ the “Mo” on my commute (c) James Snider/WWF-Canada
WWF-Canada staff have supported the Movember cause from coast-to-coast. Our “Mo Bros” and “Mo Sistas” have come together alongside more than 240,000 Canadians (and 830,000 people around the world!) to raise funds and awareness for men’s health and, specifically, prostate cancer.

Dan Slavik keeping warm with his “Mo” in Inuvik, NWT (c) WWF-Canada
My colleagues, Dan, Hussein and Mat have put their mettle (and the patience of their loved ones) to the test, and put away theirs razors for the past 25 days. The results? Well, let’s just say from my personal experience, I apparently look rather silly with a moustache. But, more importantly, we’ve had a phenomenally positive response from our co-workers, family and friends, who have donated nearly $900 to date! Those funds go towards awareness, public education, advocacy, support of those affected, and research into the prevention, detection, treatment and cure of prostate cancer.

Mat Lebel showing off his “Mo”! (c) WWF-Canada
As described by one of our Mo Sistas, Azza, “I support Movember since it is an important health issue that many people around us deal with everyday- it affects our fathers, brothers, neighbours, friends and all loved ones.”

Azza and her “Mo Sista” showing their support (c) Aaron Rodericks/AR Photography
Apparently, there are few things funnier than an office, school, or city(!) full of men wearing their moustaches proudly. Our ‘Mos’ may get some different looks, but they certainly start a good conversation!
I hope that you will take this opportunity to support the Movember cause by making a donation to a friend, family member or colleague growing a ‘Mo’!
Donations can be made to our Panda Movember Team here
Thanks for your support!