It will be the experience of a lifetime. Transformative. Inspiring. Like no other trip you can imagine. A classroom and an education without lockers and desks.

Are you longing to see polar bears, whales, glaciers, fjords? Are you keen to learn about their habitats from leading polar explorers and scientists, artists and Indigenous leaders? Are you interested in environmental issues? Are you hankering to know more, to do more? Are you the passionate sort, wanting to spread the word among your friends about critical issues facing the Arctic? Do you want to make new friends from far-flung places?
If you’re nodding, then we want you! Please, don’t click away from this page. Instead, click here to open the application form.
You will be sharing this exciting experience with 80 international students, who, like you, want to grow their knowledge and develop perspectives to help raise awareness about the impacts of climate change. You will return home, proud ambassadors for the Arctic and better global citizens.
The Students on Ice expedition, July 23-August 7, will explore Iceland, southern Greenland, the north shore of Labrador and northern reaches of Nunavik. After testing the famed geothermal waters of Iceland’s Blue Lagoon and hiking through the country’s Thingvellir National Park, you will head to Greenland, which also boasts spectacular narrow fjords and towering mountains. There, too, you are likely to spot narwhals, walrus and polar bears. More ancient hot springs. Even more fascinating will be the visit to Herjorlfnes – the ancient Norse settlement founded by Eric the Red in 985.
The ship then crosses the Davis Strait to Labrador, where you hike through one of Canada’s most spectacular national parks, Torngat Mountains National Park, replete with glaciers, soaring mountains and diverse Arctic mammals. On to Killiniq Island and Cape Chidley to cruise beaches, spot wildlife and hike tundras and hills, admiring the variety of beautiful wildflowers and thick beds of soft lichen. 
The final couple of days will be spent hiking on Akpatok Island in Nunavut and meeting locals in the Nunavik community of Kuujjuaq. Finally, Ottawa’s Museum of Nature will honor a changed you at a celebratory event before you wistfully say your farewells and return home.


Labrador landscape (C) Wim van Passel/WWF-Canon